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The Miguel Angel Espana Ballet
In the course of his long career as a dancer, Miguel Angel has developed into an artist with a vast range of theatric material, who is able to satisfy the wishes of quite divers stage shows. Looking back on all the companies and artists with whom he has been on stage or together with whom he has made productions possible, it becomes clear how much he is at home in his art, his Spanish art, how much he personifies the gestures and the rites of his country, thus deeply touching his audience by arousing the longing for the Spain that is still anarchistic, sun-drenched and sensual to the core.

His manner is unassuming and honest, and none of the lures of the world of commerce could entice him to leave his deep roots of Flamenco, may this be due to his respect for the many inspiring life histories of other Flamenco dancers he has experienced at close range, or due to his instinctive understanding of this complex art that is the sum of joy, pain, passion, and an incredible vitality. His unfailing instinct for the precision of this art makes him a sought-after choreographer; his talent of arousing the crowds or to conceive a scene is a rare gift and it is highly desirable on the Flamenco scene.

His own company “Miguel Angel Espana Ballet“ is a varied and a fluctuating one. This flexibility regarding staffing gives him the freedom to make decisions and to always adapt to new situations, whether may be a new country or new requests with which he is approached and which cause him to change a cast or which inspire him to approach new subjects within the art of Flamenco. The Company is highly flexible and its style is entirely formed after its leader, Miguel Angel. Of course, the Company cannot exist without permanent members, who mean a lot to him. This loyalty is like a code of honour, which vouchsafes the advancement of all.

As a teacher, he has charmed many people in many countries into experiencing blissful moments of dance. Patiently and amicably, he responds to the most divers people, always eager to convey the authenticity of his art. With his incredibly confident style of movement, he is able to carry his students away to the intoxicated state that Flamenco is able to bring about. He takes them to his own level of physical awareness and discipline, achieving fascinating results and leaving satisfied dance studios.